1. In a Heartbeat
    Kerry Politzer

  2. Amazing Life
    Ezra Weiss / Jon Shaw / Tim DuRoche

  3. Night 0n Earth
    The Aaron Space Cosmic Orchestra

  4. Damnation of Memory

  5. Fredson the Jeffy
    George Colligan

  6. A Thousand Casts
    Ryan Meagher

  7. Texture & Technology
    Micah Hummel & Alex Meltzer

  8. Sincere Expression

  9. Long Term Goals
    Theoretical Planets

  10. Five-Pointed Star
    Quadraphonnes + Andrew Durkin

  11. The Lost Album
    The Ocular Concern

  12. Asere, Qué Bolá? | Live EP
    Virginia Lopez

  13. My Dreams, My Journey
    Marilyn Keller with Darrell Grant

  14. Peripatetic Piano | Live EP

  15. Home | Live EP

  16. Ekta: The Unity Project
    Jasnam Daya Singh

  17. From Maxville to Vanport

  18. Trio Untold
    Trio Untold

  19. Evil Twin
    Ryan Meagher

  20. Escape Route
    Other Barry

  21. Oregonophony: Live at Fremont Theater
    Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble

  22. Oregon Stories
    Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble

  23. Breath of Fire
    Andrew Durkin

  24. Finding
    Ian Christensen

  25. Mist. Moss. Home.
    Ryan Meagher

  26. Live at Alberta Street Pub
    Catherine Feeny & Chris Johnedis with the PJCE

  27. Tricks of Light
    Jessika Smith Big Band

  28. The Territory
    Darrell Grant

  29. Dreaming Awake
    Barra Brown Quintet

  30. Black Heron and The Spoonbill

  31. Restraint

  32. Inkling
    Mark Simon

  33. The Sun Opened Up
    Sound for the Organization of Society

  34. Below The Surface
    Kerry Politzer

  35. Precipieces
    Fractal Quintet

  36. The Demolition Duo
    John C. Savage and Ken Ollis

  37. Indian Summer
    Richards / Duval

  38. Sister Cities
    The Ocular Concern

  39. Tango In The City Of Roses
    Ryan Meagher

  40. Senses Sharpened
    Ken Ollis

  41. Songs for a Young Heart
    Barra Brown Quintet

  42. 1, 2, 3
    Art Resnick Trio

  43. Parallax
    Ben Dietschi / Andrew Oliver Quartet

  44. Eponymous
    Blake Lyman Quintet

  45. The Bureau of Fiction
    Operation Northwoods

  46. Breathe
    Kin Trio

  47. The Northwest Continuum
    Andrew Oliver Trio

  48. Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator
    Gunga Galunga

  49. 10/19/12 Concert
    PJCE Sextet

  50. PJCE Records Podcasts


Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble Portland, Oregon

PJCE Records is a grassroots recording label documenting the wide variety of original music being created by Portland area jazz composers and improvisers. We aim to provide an outlet to encourage the dissemination of new music in the area as well as fostering community within the jazz and improvised music scene in Portland. We release one album per month digitally and/or in limited CD pressings. ... more

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